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Children Doing Headstands
Supporting families to manage pain so you can get back to school/work, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life again.

I'm Carla

I'm a Pain Coach, Parenting Coach, Life Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist and Teacher.

And I get migraines 3-4x/week.

I am also mom to a child named Greta who has ongoing headaches with frequent migraines.  At one point, she was down to only taking one class a semester at school and was in bed 24/7 most days.  Fast forward to now ~ she is in school full-time, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life again!   
Carla Friesen
Your pain is real ! 
No one would choose to stay in bed in agony!
Perhaps you have come across health professionals who have insinuated that pain is all in your head.  Let me assure you that all pain is real.  Your brain sends you pain signals to warn you of danger.  However, when pain becomes chronic, the brain can continue to send signals when there is no tissue damage and no danger. 

If you have seen specialists, done scans, tried various medications and ruled out all red flags but you STILL have are not alone.

We were there too.

Thankfully we have learned A LOT about chronic pain and how to treat it since then. Now Greta is attending school full-time, spending time with friends, and enjoying life again.  Meanwhile, I have taken everything that actually works for our kids with chronic pain, and I've created a program that will help you to reclaim your child's life again. 


Because I know how hard it is. 

And I don't want you to suffer any longer.

Especially when there is something that can help...
Image by Tim Davies

The Greta Method

support your child to participate in life again
~ a 12 week program to help your child increase their function and decrease their pain ~

 Support your child to increase their capacity to attend school, hang out with friends, eat meals with the family, and enjoy life again!

"We have been working with Carla for just over 4 weeks now and we are already seeing a difference in our son! He is accomplishing his goals every day, even on his increased pain days!!!!"

~ Melanie
"Parenting Kids who have Daily Headaches & Migraines"
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how to manage pain well and enjoy life
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how to parent chronic pain and enjoy life
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Cotton Candy Cone
Where my daughter is today is truly thanks to you and Greta.  She is doing so much more than in the Fall when she was mostly bed bound!

~ Nicole
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