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How Can Coaching Help?

 Pain coaching can help your child to systematically increase their function and participation in life, shift their perceptions and expectations, and learn strategies to manage their pain well so that it has less of an impact on their life.  I was a teacher and school counsellor for many years and have a knack for connecting with and supporting kids.

Parent coaching can help you to feel supported, get unstuck, and finally start making progress on this difficult journey.  It can help you know when to push your child and when to hold back.  Together we can problem solve, learn how to best parent your child through pain, and start to reclaim a little bit of who YOU are through all this.  In order to support our kids well, we need to be well ourselves.  Give yourself the gift of support from someone who understands.  
coaching Specialties
Mother and Daughter
  • for parents and caregivers who need support
  • how to parent a child who has chronic pain
  • self-care
  • avoiding caregiver burn-out
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  • minimize pain flares
  • slow steps to increase function
  • shift perspective and unhelpful thoughts
  • get back to being at school and hanging out with friends 
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