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Effectively manage pain so you can get back to enjoying life again.

I'm Carla

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor and I work with clients who are struggling with chronic pain. 

I know how hard it is to find a health practitioner who understands what you are going through ~ someone who doesn't just give you suggestions like "drink more water" or "you need to lower your stress levels".   

I know this because, like you, I've been there.  

I have chronic pain and so does my daughter.

Carla Friesen
Why should I go to Counselling when my pain is physical?
Good question.  First of all, if you have gotten the impression that your pain is "all in your head", let me reassure you that it is not.  I know that you are not making up your pain.  Your pain is as real as any pain.  And it HURTS like anyone else's pain!!! 

But do you know that all pain is a brain's response to perceived danger?  If your brain is getting messages that there is danger, it will send pain to protect you, sometimes even if there is no tissue damage.  This is what counselling can help with.  It can help your brain to ease out of "fight or flight" mode and turn down the volume on those pain signals.  
"We have been working with Carla for just over 4 weeks now and we are already seeing a difference in our son! He is accomplishing his goals every day, even on his increased pain days!!!!"

~ Melanie
"Parenting Kids who have Daily Headaches & Migraines"
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how to manage pain well and enjoy life
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Cotton Candy Cone
Where my daughter is today is truly thanks to Carla.  She is doing so much more than in the Fall when she was mostly bed bound!

~ Nicole
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