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Your Doctor Has Told you that You just Need to Get Your Child Back to School. How do you Do it?

For years we heard some form of, “Well you just need to get her back to school” but that seemed impossible! Greta was in bed 24/7 with migraine pain and there was no way we could just make her stay in school all day. So instead we kept looking for a new doctor who would understand. That took 4 years. We finally found a doctor who understood. He told us what a good job we had been doing trying to find treatment and he empathized with us. THEN he gave us the same message as many of the other doctors had, but he explained WHY Greta had 24/7 pain And he explained that getting her back to participating in life would actually turn the volume down on her pain and he gave us some tips on HOW to do it. So we did it. And it worked. Of course it wasn’t that fast. It took months of trial and error and consistency and persistency (I know that is not a word). Actually, I don’t know if I would have had the patience, creativity, and consistency to support Greta to make it happen if it wasn’t for my experience as a teacher and psychotherapist. My years of teaching have taught me how to get kids on board and motivate them and my years of work as a psychotherapist have taught me the power of shifting perspective and effective change. Slow, consistent progress paid off. We finally learned HOW to get Greta back to school and participating in life again and it HAS turned the volume down on her pain. And she is back to school, work, and is excited about life again. She still has pain, but it no longer is taking over her life. She can make plans and follow through with them, while managing her pain. THAT is why I created The Greta Method. It took 4 years for us to finally find a doctor who could give us the support we needed and I don’t know how much longer it will take you! So I am here to support you and your child in taking the same steps we took so that your child can participate in life again. This isn’t just a treatment that worked for my daughter. This same approach is being taught at Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Clinics worldwide…. Boston Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, UCSF…. It is the most effective way to treat persistent pain that hasn’t responded to other treatment. You see, when pain has become chronic (3 months or more) then the treatment is no longer just rest and anti-inflammatories. In fact, continued rest and withdrawing from activities can start to amplify pain signals!!! It becomes a vicious cycle. Helping your child to become more functional isn’t easy to do on your own. What child can fathom doing more when they are in excruciating pain?!?! That’s where The Greta Method comes in. It’s a systematic approach to increasing your child’s participation in life WITHOUT overwhelming them. (And we all know that it doesn’t take much to overwhelm our kids with pain!) The Greta Method supports you to: - lower your child’s baseline level of persistent pain - reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of pain flares - increase your child’s capacity to stay at school and spend time with friends - get off the roller coaster of “good days” and “bad days” - give your child a toolbox for managing their condition independently - learn how to navigate obstacles while continuing to make progress - see your child gain confidence as they experience success - make plans and know that you will be able to follow through with them - live more predictably, consistently, and optimistically! The Greta Method is a 12 week program that will provide you with the tools and strategies to get your child back to school, hanging out with friends, and enjoying life again.

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~ Carla Friesen

Licensed Psychotherapist, Pain Coach

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