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support groups

We struggle in our own homes day after day and no one understands.  At least that's how it feels. 

You've been doing this on your own for a long time. 
You don't have to anymore. 


 Weekly Parent Support Group on Thursdays at 2pm EST

  • weekly group calls

  • private Facebook group for daily interaction

  • $79  USD/monthly (that's less than $20 a week!)

  • support your child to increase their participation in life

  • create routine to avoid pain flares

  • prevent caregiver burnout

  • talk with others who "get it"

  • learn how to parent chronic pain effectively

  • have a team of moms to problem solve with

  • take care of yourself and your own mental health!


Chronic pain affects the whole family.  We ALL need support!


Pour yourself a cup of tea and navigate this journey with others who understand.

How Can A Support Group Help?
  • have a place to share openly and honestly with people who get it
  • be inspired by families making progress
  • empathize with others who are struggling
  • learn new strategies for parenting and for managing chronic pain
  • have a circle of support to call on when you are struggling
  • take care of yourself and your own mental health
  • access support before you burn out
Image by Shayna Douglas

Support groups for kids will be starting in the new year!

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